W2 Form Employer Requirements

Wage and Tax Statement Form W2 is filled out by employers to report wage, salary, tips paid to employees, and tax withheld. Employer requirements for Form W2 is to report everything that went into an employee’s income so that the employee can file a federal income tax return properly.

Since the tax season runs for a limited time, the employer must fill out Form W2 and furnish the employee with a copy before the tax season starts. However, the employer’s requirements to file Form W2 is January 31. The employer can file Form W2 as soon as the tax year ends. So the employer will have about a month to file Form W2.

An employer can file Form W2 before that as well. As long as an employee’s last paycheck is for certain and the amount of federal income tax that is going to be withheld is known, the employer can fill out Form W2 earlier and furnish the employee.

Where to file Form W2?

What obligations do employers have for filing Form W2? The employers must fill out multiple copies of Form W2. So a copy of Form W2 is not only going to be used by employees. Employers must fill out three copies of Form W2 that will be filed for a different purpose. You can see as an employer which copy of Form W2 is to be filed for where under the form.

Here is where you’re going to file 2023 Form W2 for the upcoming tax season.

  • Social Security Administration
  • State and Local Governments
  • Federal Government

A copy to report Social Security and Medicare taxes to Social Security Administration. A copy for the employee to file federal income tax return. A copy for the employee to file state and/or local income tax return.

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