W-8 Form for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies that are receiving payment from a US business or financial institution that is subject to withholding are required to file Form W-8 BEN-E—Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting for Entities.

Form W-8 BEN-E isn’t much different than the W-8 BEN in terms of purpose but filed very differently. It can take hours to fill out Form W-8 BEN-E whereas it takes less than an hour for most people to fill out the W-8 BEN.

On the current version of Form W-8 BEN, the individual identifies himself or herself, claims tax treaty benefits, and signs the document. These are also done using Form W-8 BEN-E but has a lot more details to enter. Here is what you’re going to report using Form W-8 BEN-E, also known as the W-8 for foreign companies.

  1. Identification of Beneficial Owner
  2. Disregarded Entity or Branch Receiving Payment
  3. The claim of Tax Treaty Benefits
  4. Sponsored FFI
  5. Certification Deemed-Compliant Nonregistering Local Bank
  6. Certification Deemed-Compliant FFI with Only Low-Value Accounts
  7. Certification Deemed-Compliant Sponsored, Closely Held Investment Vehicle
  8. Certification Deemed-Compliant Limited Life Debt Investment Entity
  9. Certain Investment Entities that Do not Maintain Financial Accounts
  10. Owner-Documented FFI
  11. Restricted Distributor
  12. Nonreporting IGA FFI
  13. Foreign Government, Government of a U.S. Possession, or Foreign Central Bank of Issue
  14. International Organization
  15. Exempt Retirement Plans

16. Part XVI Entity Wholly Owned by Exempt Beneficial Owners
17. Part XVII Territory Financial Institution
18. Part XVIII Excepted Nonfinancial Group Entity
19. Part XIX Excepted Nonfinancial Start-Up Company
20. Part XX Excepted Nonfinancial Entity in Liquidation or Bankruptcy
21. Part XXI 501(c) Organization
22. Part XXII Nonprofit Organization
23. Part XXIII Publicly Traded NFFE or NFFE Affiliate of a Publicly Traded Corporation
24. Part XXIV Excepted Territory NFFE
25. Part XXV Active NFFE
26. Part XXVI Passive NFFE
27. Part XXVII Excepted Inter-Affiliate FFI
28. Part XXVIII Sponsored Direct Reporting NFFE (see instructions for when this is permitted)
29. Part XXIX Substantial U.S. Owners of Passive NFFE
30. Certification

File Form W-8 BEN-E

Form W-8 BEN-E is fillable online where you can enter the information required on the form and print out a paper copy with what you entered. What we suggest after filling out the W-8 BEN-E is saving it as a PDF and store it on your device. This will enable you to go through any potential mistake you’ve made on the form and furnish the same copy to different payers.

The paper copy is useful for those who are going to mail the copy to their payers. If you’re outside of the United States, it’s best to send your W-8 BEN-E to the payer electronically by e-mail.

Fill out Form W-8 BEN-E below as a foreign company.

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