W-10 Form

Form W-10 is used for correcting taxpayer identification number, name, and address of a person or an organization that provides care for a dependent or a child of yourself under certain conditions. File Form W10 if you’re going to claim a credit for child and dependent care expenses on your federal income tax return. Those who receive benefits under their employer’s dependent care plan may also need to file a W-10.

For the most part, the child and dependent care credit can be up to 35% of the qualifying expenses. The qualifying expenses will be determined by your adjusted gross income. We suggest checking how much you’re eligible for this credit with a tax professional.

Who files a Form W-10?

If you’re paying for someone to care for your dependent, you’re eligible for the child and dependent care credit. The person or the organization providing care for the dependent must fill out Form W-10 in order for you to claim this credit.

On the other hand, if your employer is sponsoring a dependent care plan, you’re the one who’s going to file a Form W-10. If Form W-10 isn’t filed, you may not be able to claim the credit.

Qualifying Persons for Child and Dependent Care Credit

While the child tax credit can be claimed for any child or dependent that qualifies under the age of 17, it isn’t the same with this credit. Although it depends—more often than not, the care must have been provided for a dependent child under the age of 13 or other qualifying individuals such as a spouse with incapability of self-care.

Filling Out a Form W-10 – Printable

Now that you know who and in what situation Form W-10 needs to be filed, here is how you can file one.

Same as any other IRS tax document, the W-10 is published on the IRS website as PDF which means you can view, download, or print. The printable version of Form W-10 is blank. So you must enter your information yourself.

Since it doesn’t need much detail, filling out a blank Form W-10 should take you only minutes. Here is what you’re going to detail on Form W-10 PDF as seen down below.

  • Name of the dependent care provider
    • Address
  • Dependent care provider’s taxpayer identification number (TIN)
  • Dependent care provider’s signature
  • Name and address of the person requesting the above information

File Form W-10 – Online Fillable

While most other tax forms can’t be filed online, Form W-10 can be completed online. Since this is an online fillable document, click on the boxes you want to enter your information below and type on your keyboard. Once you’re done, save it or print out directly off of your browser.

Given the PDF documents can be printed out without the need for any additional software, printing is extremely easy.

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