VA Form 21-526EZ Printable

VA Form 21-526EZ is the application form for disability compensation and related compensation benefits. This is usually the final part of submitting a disability claim to the VA for most veterans. If you have a clear service-connected disability, then you don’t necessarily need to go through all the other VA forms. That’s, of course, assuming you have evidence for it all in your medical records.

The other VA forms related to this topic are used to support your disability. Regardless of whichever the case for you, VA Form 21-526EZ is going to be something that you will file.

Given the EZ title on the form, it is a simple form that should take ten to fifteen minutes of your time to complete. VA Form 21-526EZ is made up of eleven sections. Out al all the eleven sections, only one is concerned for most veterans. That is section four which details the disability for the claim. Before get we get to that, here is the content of Form 21-526EZ.

  1. Identification
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Homelessness information
  4. List of disabilities for the claim
  5. Service information
  6. Service pay
  7. Direct deposit information
  8. Claim certification and signature
  9. Witnesses to signature
  10. Alternate signer certification and signature
    1. Only required if Item 33 is blank
  11. POA signature

As mentioned above, only the section four is what concerns most veterans. In this section of VA Form 21-526EZ, you will enter the list of disabilities that is connected to your service. Then, you can fill out the rest accordingly and submit it to the VA.

Filing VA Form 21-526EZ Online

Although the information you will provide on Form 21-526EZ is quite simple, it can take quite some time if you file it on paper. Instead of printing out a copy of the form and completing it by hand, you can use the online fillable version below. Once you are done, you can print out your completed Form 21-526EZ and submit it to the VA. Also, you can download it blank.

Fill out the printable VA Form 21-526EZ:

Form starts at Page 8.

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