Unemployment Benefits Extended

Exhausted your unemployment benefits? You can apply for extended unemployment insurance. This is part of the Federal Extended Benefits program.

Those who exhausted their state unemployment benefits can apply for an additional 13 weeks of unemployment. The PEUC (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation) allows residents of states with a high number of unemployment claims can apply for an additional 13 to 20 weeks of extended benefits. However, your extended benefits may be there for less than 13 weeks. It’s best to check it with your state.

The extended unemployment benefits may start right after you exhaust your state unemployment benefit. One thing you should know about the extended unemployment benefits is that the Trade Readjustment Allowances and the Disaster Unemployment Assistance are outside of the extended unemployment benefits.

So, you must have received unemployment benefits from your state to be eligible for extended unemployment. If you haven’t exhausted your state unemployment benefits or didn’t apply at all, make an application for unemployment insurance through the State Department of Labor.

How to apply for extended unemployment benefits?

As for how you can apply for extended unemployment benefits, before doing that, determine whether or not you’re eligible for extended benefits.

Each state has its own unemployment insurance program. So, the eligibility for the unemployment insurance as well as extended unemployment insurance varies from state to state.

That said, you first need to contact your state to see if you’re eligible for unemployment benefits. Read this article to find out how to contact your state as well as how to make an application for unemployment benefits online.

Note: There isn’t a specific application for the extended unemployment benefits. You’re going to apply for unemployment benefits the same way as you applied for it earlier when you first made your application. As long as you’re eligible, you should benefit from the extended unemployment insurance.

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation should allow you to get up to 20 weeks of extended unemployment benefits. However, the unemployment benefits you get may be less than 20 weeks and it’s most likely to be the outcome but you can get unemployment benefits for at least 12 weeks.

Regardless of how much you’re currently earning or were earning from unemployment benefits, you can reapply now that it’s extended.

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