Unemployment Application

While the pandemic continues, the main source of income for many is becoming unemployment insurance. The latest changes to the unemployment insurance made the requirements very flexible. Many workers are unable to work due to quarantine for themselves or for a family member. This wasn’t exactly a fit reason for the Department of Labor guidelines for unemployment insurance.

The eligibility for unemployment insurance is now very flexible. Those who made a claim before the change can make one now again and have a better chance for approval. Usually, you would need to go to the nearest state department of workforce to make an application. During the quarantine, you can also make your unemployment insurance application online. More on that below.

Unemployment Application Online

Regardless of which state you live in, making an online application for unemployment insurance is easy. Even every state has its own way of completing this process on the labor and/or workforce website, you can follow the easy guidelines below.

Don’t know your state’s unemployment insurance website? Find your state website to make unemployment insurance application online.

Unemployment Insurance Amounts

Generally, the unemployment insurance amounts range between $250 to $550. There are a few things that go into how much you’re going to make from unemployment other than what your state has to offer. Most states will offer a portion of your daily average gross earning. Your earnings from the last four months is calculated to determine the unemployment insurance amount.

Unemployment Insurance Increase

The recently passed $2 trillion CARES Act includes an increase in unemployment as well. Currently, the federal government offers $600 per week for up to 16 weeks. This amount is added on top of what you get from your state. Therefore, getting more than $1,000 a week from unemployment isn’t going to be something difficult. With that being said, this is a historic boost to unemployment benefits that will ease the financial struggles of the pandemic.

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