Travel Disruption Insurance

In the event of canceling plans for travel can be quite costly. If you don’t have travel disruption insurance, all your money you set aside for traveling will be wasted. Having a change of plans when you’re about to travel or the occurrence of unwanted life events causing you to cancel your trip can set you back a few thousands of dollars if not more. Luckily, travel disruption insurance can cover these expenses and reimburse you for your expenses.

A typical travel disruption insurance policy will cover your certain costs in the following events.

  • Delay of flight(s)
  • Missing departure
  • Having to stay at the destination for longer than what originally planned
  • Having to abandon your trip

Outside of these, anything that forces you to cancel your holiday that is outside of your control will be covered. This also includes such occurrences as poor weather conditions, industrial problems. This can be anywhere from the closure of an airport to airspace, etc. causing your flight to be canceled or delayed.

Therefore, the costs related to this such as hotel reservation payments will be compensated to you. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between travel insurance and travel disruption insurance. While travel insurance covers lost luggage and medical emergencies, travel disruption insurance cover events holding you back from traveling, hence the name disruption.

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