Top 5 Free Inventory Management Software

If you’re looking for free inventory management software, you’re not alone. Below, you can find the top five free inventory management software, including OrdoroStockpile by CanvusInventoria, InFlow, and Lokad. Read on to learn more about each. Using one of these programs may increase the efficiency of your business as well as your profits.


If you’re looking for free inventory management software, you may already have heard of Ordoro. Its web-based platform features easy-to-use plug-ins that make inventory management a breeze. Some of these plug-ins include tracking inventory levels, bundling multiple orders, and purchasing orders. Bar code scanning is also a part of Ordoro’s warehouse stock management system. Compatible with most scanners, it can help you keep track of inventory levels.

With Ordoro, you can integrate multiple warehouses into one system. It allows you to select a warehouse as the major location and fulfill orders from a single screen. And because real-time subscription software is less expensive than installed programs, it has a wider feature set. As an added bonus, it doesn’t require a large amount of hardware capacity. So, it’s a good choice for manufacturers.

Stockpile by Canvus

Canvus offers free inventory management software, Stockpile, that is cloud-based and has no setup costs. While this free version has a very limited number of features, it can still help you run your business. Its features include managing your inventory, returns, sales, and damaged goods. You can also manage users and set different levels of access for each. It also allows you to administer physical areas, manufacturers, and locations. In addition, you can use this software for as many inventory items as you have.

Top 5 Free Inventory Management Software
Top 5 Free Inventory Management Software 1


Inventoria is another free inventory management software. It is a multichannel inventory management software that also includes order management and invoice management. It can manage multiple vendors, accounts receivable, and even your point of sale system. Inventoria also offers accounting integration and purchasing records. It is a simple but effective inventory management solution for small businesses. There are several options for your inventory, and each will be tailored to fit your business.


InFlow is an inventory management software that can simplify your business operations. It helps you define minimum order quantities and balance supply and demand. It can even generate barcode labels and new SKUs for you. It eliminates multiple applications and streamlines order fulfillment. 

InFlow is an inventory management system for small-to mid-sized businesses that can handle customer orders and purchases. It helps you free up cash held in excess inventory. It can be used to generate reports and reorder stock. It works across multiple computers, so it’s easy to implement. It can also help you manage your warehouse. There’s no need for you to hire a professional to run this software, either.


You might have heard about Lokad if you are an eCommerce store owner. But did you know it’s also a powerful big data analytics platform? That’s right, it is also free to use. And it has many powerful features for e-commerce businesses. Specifically, it takes care of inventory optimization, demand forecasting, and fraud detection. Thanks to its big data infrastructure and machine learning capabilities, you don’t need to know anything about statistics or data mining to use this inventory management software.

The app’s technology is accessible in a self-service mode, and it offers hands-on assistance for business owners. It helps business owners optimize their transactions no matter how big or small their businesses are. It also helps business owners manage their inventory, including shipments. Regardless of market segment or volume, the program is free to use, and it’s easy to install. This makes it a great choice for new businesses.

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