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Tesla is promising to be one of the best investments you can make. Estimates for Tesla stock price suggest it will continue to grow. See how it stacks up against the recent pandemic though.

TESLA Stock Price Live

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Tesla shares have been gained significant value over the last a couple of months but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t going as great as it was. While many investors are seeing this as an opportunity in the stocks, there is still a big uncertainty about how the pandemic will affect Tesla.

Given electric-vehicles aren’t essential to life, the Tesla shares may struggle to keep up with where it is at right now. Now that all stocks are going down, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect what will happen to Tesla stock prices. At the time of writing this post, Tesla’s stock price is $506.80 which is an up from the recent days.

Below, you can see the Tesla share price of recent days.

April 6$507.80
April 3 $480.01
April 2$454.47
April 1$481.55
March 31$524.00
March 30$502.10
March 27$514.30
March 26$528.16
March 25$539.25
March 24$505
Recent table of Tesla share prices.

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