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SLS Mortgage is a Computer Share Loan Services subsidiary based in Denver, Colorado. It specializes in servicing residential mortgage loans and collecting on debt.

Specialized Loan Servicing is a real company that specializes in mortgage loan servicing in the United States. Its servicers communicate with you and your mortgage lender, collect payments, answer questions, keep track of interest, and much more. A mortgage servicer like SLS Mortgage is different from the owner of your mortgage. The owner is the financial institution that provided you with the money to purchase your home. Some owners also act as mortgage servicers.

SLS is owned by Computershare Loan Services, which has offices in Denver, Arizona, and Ponte Vera Beach. Its employees are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Their technology, industry expertise, and higher standard of customer service have led to the company’s success. They have earned numerous awards for innovation and leadership. If you have a problem with SLS, call their toll-free number and ask for an escalation agent.

If you are in foreclosure or facing a potential foreclosure with SLS, it is important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. A qualified law firm can help you investigate how SLS acquired the servicing or ownership rights to your mortgage and whether they did so in compliance with federal and state laws. The law firm can also negotiate with SLS to settle your case and get you out of your mortgage.

Fitch on SLS
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Fitch on SLS

Unlike many other loan servicing companies, SLS does not use robocallers to contact customers. However, it does send a number of letters and emails to customers. It is important to review these communications carefully, as they may contain information about the status of your mortgage.

SLS is a top-rated residential mortgage servicer with operations in Denver, CO, and Tempe, AZ. It offers a range of solutions for mortgage lenders, including private-label servicing, direct call transfer capabilities for refinance opportunities, and detailed investor reporting. Its customer-centric approach includes a robust online portal and expert advice over the phone.

Fitch has affirmed SLS’s U.S. residential primary and special servicer ratings and revised the rating outlook to Stable. The ratings reflect SLS’ effective growth strategy, continued investments in systems and processes, strong management and staff, and financial support from its parent company, Computershare Loan Services.

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