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You must schedule a road test in order to get your driver’s license. Upon receiving your learner permit, you must pass the NY DMV road test. Some of the rules for scheduling a road test or passing the road test may differ but generally, the rules are the same for almost all drivers. 

After receiving your learner permit, you must practice driving in the allowed places during the allowed times. Each state has its own learner permit restrictions for different types of driver’s licenses. Make sure to practice your driving in the allowed places or it will add up to the amount of time it takes to receive your license.

For New York, practice your driving with the learner restrictions. You can then schedule a road test and this will enable you to schedule a road test to get your license. However, there are special requirements that apply to MJ and DJ class drivers. 

Schedule a Road Test Online

Schedule a road test online through the New York State DMV. Use your New York State DMV ID and date of birth to schedule your road test. Take note that you are required to pay the fees for the road test. Bring your MV-278, Pre-Licensing Course Certificate; MV-285, Driver Education Certificate; or MV-262, Certification of Supervised Driving to your road test. 

Head over to New York State DMV Road Test Schedule System to schedule a road test as the final step to get your license.  

Class MJ and Class DJ Additional Requirements

Class MJ and DJ drivers have additional requirements to schedule a road test. These are as follows.

  1. You must wait for at least six months from the date you received your learner permit.
  2. You must have driven for at least 50 hours under the supervision of someone who’s 21 or older and has a valid license to operate the vehicle you’re learning to drive.

Because you need to be practicing under supervision, you are required to bring your Certification of Supervised Driving completed by your parent or legal guardian to the scheduled road test. 

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