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Santa Barbara Tax Products Group is a common name for taxpayers. Many taxpayers choose to file their taxes through them because of what they offer. You file your taxes without paying upfront, and they take the fees from your tax refund. It’s very convenient for taxpayers that simply want to skip the payment process. 

Undoubtedly, taxpayers greatly favor SBTPG, but their relationship with their tax refunds raises one critical question every tax season. Taxpayers ask when they will receive their tax refunds from the SBTPG, and this article is just about that – to help you understand when you might get your refund.

SBTPG refund status

Before any dark clouds appear, know that Santa Barbara Tax Products Group won’t hold your tax refund. Such a situation is against the law, and no tax preparation service can hold your tax refund without your permission.

That said, it’s important to remind yourself about the IRS processing times and how your tax refund will get to you. After the IRS sends your tax refund, the SBTPG will hold your refund for about one working day to calculate the fees and deduct them from the total amount that the IRS sent.

Even if you check the status of your tax refund and see that it was sent, this has nothing to do with the Internal Revenue Service, as the Treasury already sent your refund. Instead, check the status through them, the SBTPG, not the IRS. The chances are your refund is now waiting on your SBTPG account to be processed, and once the tax preparation fees are deducted, you’ll get it.

How long will it take for SBTPG to process my refund?

In almost all cases, the Santa Barbara Tax Preparation Group processes tax refunds either the very same day the refund is direct deposited or the day after. It’s not something that takes long, and at max, you’ll wait one or two days additionally in case it’s a federal holiday.

When you check the status of your tax refund through the IRS website, you won’t get any updated results. Because the IRS has already sent the refund your way, you need to check it with the TPG. 

Checking the status of your 2022 tax refund isn’t any different on the TPG website. You’ll enter the exact same information as you enter on the IRS Where’s My Refund tool: filing status, exact refund amount, and Social Security Number. 

Additionally, you may be asked with prior year filings, just like the IRS refund checker. Once entering the correct information on the TPG refund checker, you’ll have all the required information about your refund, the deducted amount, and when you’ll have access to the funds. 



  1. All of this up talking about SBTPG are lies! SBTPG has been holding my refund since 2/2/22! I filed a complaint with the BBB ad SBTPG failed to respond to the complaint. The IRS is now tracking my refund which could take 120 days. What SBTPG is doing is against the law and it is fraud! Read the discussion boards. I am not the only one this has happened to! Thousands of people are being scammed by this company.

    1. That’s sad to hear, Sonia. Have you tried contacting them through their customer service line? You can call them at 800-779-7228. Hope your issue gets resolved as soon as possible. We’re just trying to inform people about what to expect from SBTPG.

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