Sales Tax Holidays 2020

Tax holidays are set days that give temporary elimination or reduction of sales taxes. Each state set their own dates for its tax holidays. A wide majority of these tax holidays occur during the Back to School season. Most of the sales tax elimination or reduction occurs on clothing, school supplies, computers, and similar items.

Unfortunately though, not all states have a tax holiday. But more and more states are announcing tax holidays. So even if your state isn’t in the list below, it is likely that it might have a tax holiday in a few years.

Tax Holidays State by State

The table below shows everything regarding tax holidays in 2020. If your state isn’t on the list, it simply doesn’t have a tax holiday for 2020.

StateDateItemsMaximum Cost
AlabamaFebruary 21 – 23
Hurricane Preparedness Generators,
$1,000, $60
AlabamaJuly 17 – 19Clothing, Computers, School Supplies,
$100, $750, $50, $30
ArkansasAugust 1 – 2Clothing and School Supplies$100
ConnecticutAugust 16 – 22Footwear and Clothing$100
IowaAugust 7 – 8Clothing $100
MarylandAugust 9 – 15Footwear and Clothing$100
MassachusettsAugust all TPP$2,500
MississippiJuly 31 – August 1Footwear and Clothing$100
MissouriAugust 19 – 25Energy Star Products$1,500
MissouriAugust 7 – 9Computers, School Supplies, Clothing$1,500, $50, $100
New MexicoAugust 8 – 9 Computers, Computer Equipment, School Supplies, Clothing $1,000, $500, $30, $100
OhioAugust 7 – 9Clothing, School Supplies$75, $20
OklahomaAugust 7 – 9Clothing$100
South CarolinaAugust 7 – 9Clothing, School Supplies, Computers$100, $50, $1,500
TennesseeJuly 31 – August 2School Supplies, Computers, Clothing$100, $1,500, $100
TexasAugust 7 – 9Clothing, Backpacks and School Supplies$100
VirginiaAugust 7- 9Clothing, Hurricane Preparedness Items, Generators, School Supplies$100, $60, $1,000, $20

As you can see, a few of the states have multiple tax holidays that occur twice a year. If you need more information on what the titled items include, you can visit your state’s tax website. Although the maximum costs and the dates rarely change, states may bring adjustments to all figures seen in the table. So be on the lookout for the changes that may come.

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