Plate Credit Refund Request

The Arizona residents pay a registration fee and this fee can be gotten back after the sale of the vehicle. If you sold your vehicle, apply for a credit plate refund request. 

As someone who lives in the state of Arizona, make sure to apply for the plate credit refund request as soon as after the sale of the vehicle. If you wait even for a day, it will reduce the amount of credit refund you’re eligible to get – added with the $12 processing fee applied to registration credits, what you’ll get will be reduced further over time. So make sure to apply as soon as you sell the vehicle to get the highest amount for the registration paid. 

How to apply for the plate credit refund?

Apply for the plate credit refund by activating your AZ MVD Now account and complete your request to receive the plate credit refund. The funds will be added to your customer account where you can request disbursement of the funds to your customer account or use them to pay future AZ MDV services such as further registrations.

One thing also you should know about the plate credit refund is that you won’t be eligible for it if you register the vehicle in another state. So know that the State of Arizona is always one step when it comes to dealing with people who are trying to find ways to generate money unlawfully.

On average, Arizona state residents pay between $200 and $500 for vehicle registration. The amount paid gets reduced gradually for every year the vehicle has been registered. 

The annual credit plate registration fee is calculated based on 60 percent of the retail price of the vehicle, then reduced by 16.25 percent each year after the vehicle has been registered. So you pay less in registration fees after you keep the car for yourself over time.

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