Perm Processing Time

PERM labor certification is needed when an employer sponsors an employee for a visa. Without it, the employer won’t have the necessary documentation to sponsor the employee.

It can take quite some time to process PERM though. Thousands of employers and employees that are waiting for their visa are wondering about the processing time. In this article, we will explain how you might wait for the PERM labor certification to be processed fully.

PERM processing time generally takes between six and ten months. This mostly depends on the documentation and the other things that are provided to the Department of Labor along with the workload of the agency. Since anything related to immigration works pretty slowly, PERM processing time can be quite annoying, but know that it doesn’t take more than ten months to complete.

PERM Performance Data

Program Electronic Review Management performance data provides plenty of information about the whole process. It involves information about the status of a case and provides information to employers and employees.

How to check PERM status?

You can check the status of PERM through the website of the Department of Labor. Due to the slow progress, there is no point of checking the PERM status every day. We suggest checking the PERM status once a month or so on Permanent Case Management System.

How to find the PERM approval date?

PERM approval date is important for several reasons. You can find the PERM approval date right under the processing queue column. This date reflects the date your application was approved which you can use it on other documentation related to your immigration.

Can my PERM be rejected?

The short answer to this is yes but it isn’t that common. However, it can be denied for more than one reason as they are very complicated by nature just like any other immigration provision.

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