Online W-2

Wage and Tax Statement, Form W-2 online is the preferred method of filing for employers. It takes significantly less time and effort to file Form W2 online in comparison to traditionally filing a paper copy. 

For every employee, it can take between ten and fifteen minutes to file a copy on paper whereas it takes less than five to fill out a paper W-2. There are several ways to file Form W-2 online. If you’re using a tax preparation software or business management software, it might already have a built-in function to produce Forms W-2 automatically. If that’s the case – perfect – go ahead and make the Forms W-2 you need to furnish employees. 

Business Services Online (BSO) Free Online Forms W-2

If not though, we recommend using Business Services Online which enables employers to handle more than just filing Form W-2. Since employers are also required to send a copy of Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration, BSO kills two birds with one stone. After Form W-2 is filed on BSO, employers aren’t required to send a copy to the SSA. 

There are also other things that can be done on BSO aside from filing Forms W-2 online for free. Employers can verify the Social Security numbers of employees with ease. This makes sure the employees are who they say they are according to their documents. 

Printing out paper Forms W-2

Employers can print out paper copies of the Forms W-2 filed on Business Services Online to furnish employees at the worksite. Since you won’t need to file a separate Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration and mail it to the agency, filing Forms W-2 online through the BSO is a lifesaver for many employers. 

Form W-2 PDF

Looking for the PDF version of blank Form W-2? Get the 2024 edition of Form W-2 to report the wage, salary, and other compensation paid in 2024 along with the taxes withheld from these types of income paid to employees. 

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