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The New York State has begun accepting state income tax returns about a month ago, but some taxpayers due a refund are still on the lookout for their payments. If you’re experiencing delays or want to check the status of your refund, here is everything you need to know. 

How to check NYS refunds?

Like the federal tax returns and refunds, New York State has a dedicated online application that allows taxpayers to check the status of their state tax refunds. It’s a straightforward online application that works on browsers through the NYS Department of Taxation Online Services. Before you can check the status of your refund, however, you must verify your identity first by entering the following on the online tool.

  •  Social Security Number
  • The tax year for the refund
  • The exact NYS refund amount

Once you enter these, you’ll see the status of your state tax refund. These apply to original returns. If you’re checking the status of an amended NYS tax return, you won’t see any updates on this tool. Instead, call 1-518-457-51-49. 

Go to NYS Refund Checker Online.

Refund updates

The updates on the online application pretty much occur in real time. Once the Department of Taxation receives your return, you’ll see it on the NYS Where’s My Refund tool. Additionally, you’ll get updates when your refund is approved and sent. 

However, the initial updates can take time to show up on the tool. Taxpayers who’ve filed their state income tax returns electronically get these updates sooner than those who submit a mail in return. Here are the average wait times. 

How long to wait for an NYS tax refund

According to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, taxpayers can expect to see updates on the online lookup tool about two weeks after filing their state income tax returns. This average wait time is about six to eight weeks for paper returns. 

However, these are just the average times. It can take a lot more or less than this, depending on the agency’s workload, in addition to the complexity of your state income tax return. 

There is also a chance that the Department of Taxation may adjust your refund amount. It will take a little longer to receive your refund if this happens. 

Refund letters

Furthermore, the Department of Taxation and Finance may contact you about your tax refund and request additional information. You can also receive letters about your refund due to unemployment benefits, college tuition, business and rental loss, itemized deductions, and more. Check the NYS letters and see how to respond to them.

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