Notice CP71C

The Internal Revenue Service’s Notice CP71C is a reminder that you owe tax, penalty, or interest. Since you wouldn’t want to avoid your payments, make sure to contact the Internal Revenue Service even if you’re unable to make payments at the moment. If you can pay the IRS, the fastest way of doing so is through online payment methods, which there are plenty, so you shouldn’t have a problem with paying. You can pay taxes, penalties, and interests online using credit card, debit card, bank account, money order, and check order. As long as you pay Uncle Sam on time, how you pay doesn’t really matter.

Denied or Revoked US Passport 

There is also another use of Notice CP71C, which is for notifying the denial or revocation of a US passport. You might wonder why does it have to do with the IRS, but the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST) prohibits state departments from issuing passports to taxpayers who have significant amounts of debt. A taxpayer who owes Uncle Sam significant amounts simply is not allowed to leave the country until the debt is satisfied. 

How to pay taxes online?

We’ve covered how you can pay taxes online using multiple payment methods. But, the fastest and perhaps the easiest way to pay taxes is using a credit card or debit card. Know that these come with processing fees taken by the payment processing companies. Want to avoid processing fees? You can pay taxes using Direct Pay which doesn’t have any fees as you’re sending money to the IRS directly. 

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