Multiple Jobs Worksheet for Form W4

Employees should file Form W-4, and sometimes, this is a multi-step process. If you’re holding more than one job at a time or married filing jointly with a spouse that also works, you should fill out the Multiple Jobs Worksheet on the third page of complete Form W-4. 

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Doing this and entering the result on the extra withholding part on Step 4(c) of Form W-4 will lead to the most accurate federal income taxes withheld from your paycheck. 

Fillable Multiple Jobs Worksheet

Get the online fillable Multiple Jobs Worksheet below. This is a standard PDF file that you can fill out online and print out a paper copy later on, but skip printing since you’ll need to enter the information you get from this document on Form W4. We recommend saving it as a PDF file on your computer and looking back at it if you run into problems. 

See also: Tax Withholding Estimator

You surely fill out the Multiple Jobs Worksheet, but a much more comprehensive way of calculating the amount to enter on Form W-4 is using the Tax Withholding Estimator. This online tool provided by the Internal Revenue Service calculates your total tax bill and compares it with the total taxes withheld thus far, in addition to how much you’ll withhold based on your most recent Form W4. 

Start using the Tax Withholding Estimator here.

Once you complete the Tax Withholding Estimator, be sure to take a thorough look at the results. You may not even enter any extra withholding amount on Step 4(c) if you withheld enough taxes during the tax year to date. 

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