Missouri Personal Property Taxes

Property taxes are one of the primary sources of funding for local governments. They help to pay for schools, law enforcement, and other vital services. However, they can also be a significant burden on homeowners. It is important to understand how property tax rates affect your financial situation.

In Missouri, anyone who owns tangible personal property is required to pay property taxes. This includes vehicles, furniture, and equipment. The amount of tax you pay depends on the property’s assessed value and the rate of tax in your county. Missouri Personal Property taxes are used to fund local projects and services. The Assessor’s office is responsible for assessing all property in the county. Property is valued using a variety of methods, including sales prices and comparisons to other properties. The assessor’s office also considers the size of the land and its location.

The state legislature has determined that nonresident military personnel stationed in Missouri are exempt from paying personal property tax. However, they must set up an account in the Assessor’s office and file a declaration form each year. The Collector’s office will then issue a certificate of no tax due (often called a waiver) that the service member can present to the license bureau in order to get Missouri plates for their vehicle. This certification must be renewed each year.

How to Pay Missouri Personal Property Tax
Missouri Personal Property Taxes 1

How to Pay Missouri Personal Property Tax?

Whether you are a current property tax payer or not, you can now pay your Missouri personal property taxes online 24 hours a day. You will need to have your account number and information available. ECheck or debit/credit card accepts online payments, and a convenience fee is applied to each transaction. You can also make payments by cash, check, money order, or certified funds at the Collector’s office. A receipt will be issued after payment is complete. The online payment transaction receipt is insufficient to license vehicles. You should come to the Collector’s office in person to obtain an official, paid receipt.

The electronic filing and payment system offers convenience, accuracy, and the ability to deposit your refund directly. You can access the system using your internet browser by clicking here. Once you have logged in, follow the prompts to file your return and pay your taxes. A confirmation will be sent to your email address. You may also pay your property taxes by dropping them off at the collector’s office in Boone County.

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