Michigan Gas Tax

Michigan gas tax currently stands at 27 cents per gallon. This tax is effective per gallon every time you buy gas. The number of gallons at the pump increases so does the gas tax. 

Surely, the gas tax isn’t a major one compared to the gas price. Nonetheless, Michigan state sales tax, which is 6 percent, adds up to the cost. 

If you’re buying gas on a commercial scale, though, the cost adds up even more as more time is spent at the gas pump. Luckily for the six coming months, the House waived this tax. Commuters, as well as those who are operating a business vehicle, are now exempt from paying the 6 percent Michigan sales tax on gasoline. 

Other states

While Michigan has now waived the sales tax on gasoline that’s roughly 27 cents per gallon for the $4 gas, it isn’t the only one. The steep increase in gas prices over the years has been everyone’s hot topic. Many states are expected to follow suit and waive the tax customers pay at the pump. You can see the latest news on this on our homepage.

As for the tax that’s paid by gas and oil refineries, not much is expected to happen as the funds are used for climate change goals. However, for a short period of time, some of the restrictions are expected to be eased so that more gas is produced per capita, contributing to lowering the price at the gas pump.

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