Lowe’s Credit Card Payment

Shopping at Lowe’s on a regular basis makes its credit cards a necessary tool. On top of the regular discounts customers get, you get additional bonuses by making your purchases with the Lowe’s credit card. Whether you buy home improvement stuff from the retailer for personal use or for your contracting business, you will save a big margin.

Since this is a store credit card, there are many advantages and disadvantages to it. To learn more about the pros and cons of store credit cards including the Lowe’s, read this article.

First and foremost, getting a Lowe’s credit card is quite easy the same as any other store credit card. While getting it is easy since you won’t be able to put your card in an ATM and make payments, how can you pay your Lowe’s credit card debt?

There are multiple ways you can pay your Lowe’s credit card debt. In this article, we’ll explain how you can pay your Lowe’s credit card.

Paying Lowe’s Credit Card in Store

Lowe's Credit Card Payment
Lowe's Credit Card Payment 1

This is going to be the most convenient way to pay your Lowe’s credit card. Simply head over to the customer service desk and tell the workers that you want to pay your credit card. Don’t know where the nearest Lowe’s store is? Use the company’s store locator to find Lowe’s locations nearby.

By doing this, you’ll be limited to paying it off in cash. If you want to make an electronic payment, try the options below.

Online Payment

Assuming you already have a Lowe’s Advantage Credit Account, log in and get to statements. From there, click on the Activity section on the navigation bar. Here, you can have access to your electronic bills.

The best part about Lowe’s Advantage Credit Account is you can schedule payments so you don’t always have to make payments manually. Not only limited to this but you can save your bills and create a document in case you need them.

Paying Lowe’s Credit Card by Phone

This should be your last option as you’ll have to pay a processing fee. There are multiple phone numbers to make payments. Call the phone number below that corresponds to your account.

Type of AccountPhone Number
Credit Cards888-840-7651
Business Rewards866-537-1397
Business Accounts888-840-7651

Upon calling the appropriate phone number, ask the representative that you want to pay your balance and they will take care of you.

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