Labor Law Poster

The federal and state governments requires employers with at least one employee to put up a labor law poster in an area where it’s frequented by all employees. This is required for all employers that have at least one employee and failure to comply will this requirement will result in penalties and lawsuits.

The Department of Labor publishes the labor law posters that employers need to display. This is enough for federal levels, but an employer also must display the state labor law poster at an appropriate place at the worksite, usually next to the federal labor law poster, or vice versa.

Get the workplace posters from the Department of Labor.

The above labor law posters are completely free and you can print out paper copies to display at the worksite. If you’re looking for an all-in-one labor law poster to display in your business, you might want to visit the website of your state’s labor department. In a previous article where we gave a guide to unemployment claims, you can find where to look for your state’s department of labor online.

Take note that the labor law posters must be updated against changes to the law covering them. So you cannot put up an outdated labor law poster at the worksite as it would be guiding employees in the wrong direction. Whether employees read them or not, they must be up to date and readable. So printing out a copy on an A4 paper might not be enough to fulfill labor law poster obligations.

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