Kentucky Child Support Guide

Child support is a legally enforceable obligation to provide financial assistance to the children of divorced parents. Both parents must pay child support based on the guidelines set by Kentucky law.

Whether you are paying child support or receiving it, it’s important to know your responsibilities. Your children depend on you to provide them with a stable life and to meet their needs. This includes providing them with medical and educational assistance. Child support is a monthly payment made by one parent to the other to cover the cost of raising their children. The amount of child support paid is determined by the parents’ gross monthly incomes and their number of children. However, Kentucky law allows family courts to deviate from the standard guidelines.

How Does Kentucky Child Support Work?

The cabinet for health and family services handles child support enforcement in Kentucky. Its attorneys do not represent either parent or the child. Instead, they represent the best interests of the child. Children’s support is owed until they turn 18 or, if still in high school, through the year they finish high school.

Kentucky’s child support program provides services for parents with minor children. Its website offers several resources, including an interactive website where you can apply for services, estimate your child support obligation, and make payments. The website also allows you to report changes in your address and upload documents. You can also use the CS-71.1 worksheet to calculate your child support.

If a parent does not pay child support, the state has enforcement powers that include intercepting federal tax refunds, holding their driver’s license, and even suspending their passport. The agency that handles these issues is known as the Child Support Enforcement program. You can apply for services with this program either online or by visiting the local office in person.

Kentucky Child Support Calculator

Kentucky Child Support Eligibility
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Kentucky Child Support Eligibility

The state’s guidelines are based on the theory that each parent pays their fair share of the child’s expenses. A court may deviate from the guidelines only in extraordinary circumstances. A few examples include a split custody arrangement or a noncustodial parent who receives spousal support from a previous relationship.

The Kentucky Child Support guidelines take into account a wide range of factors, including the cost of health and dental insurance for both parents. They also include the cost of daycare, school lunches (for children whose parents cannot afford to make their own meals) , and clothing costs.

Both parents are required to pay child support in Kentucky, but many of them do not do so. This can result in a serious legal problem. The state can take steps to force the parent to pay, including holding them in contempt of court and imposing financial sanctions such as taking money from their bank accounts or tax refunds.

Kentucky has a state-mandated child support formula that uses parents’ combined monthly adjusted gross income to determine their child support obligation. It does not take into account parenting time, which can affect the quantity of child support you obtain or pay. However, it could be modified on a case-by-case basis.

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