The general information and documents that taxpayers need from the Internal Revenue Service. Learn announcements from the agency regarding your personal and business taxes.

  • Feb- 2022 -
    23 February
    SBTPG Tax Refund

    SBTPG Tax Refund

    Santa Barbara Tax Products Group is a common name for taxpayers. Many taxpayers choose to file their taxes through them…

  • 19 February
    We received Your Tax Return and It's Being Processed

    We received Your Tax Return and It’s Being Processed

    Taxpayers that check the status of their tax refunds through the Where’s My Refund tool may get several notifications. One…

  • 15 February
    ID Verify IRS

    ID Verify IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service may ask you to verify your identity in some cases. The purpose of this is to…

  • 13 February
    1040 form 2022 screenshot pdf

    1040 Form 2022

    Form 1040, US Individual Income Tax Return, is your federal income tax return. Every taxpayer in the United States is…

  • 11 February
    Robinhood Tax Forms 2022 How to get tax forms from Robinhood stocks

    Robinhood Tax Forms 2022

    2Robinhood is one of the most popular financial services companies in the US, allowing its customers to trade stocks and…

  • 10 February
    Pen writing on paycheck showing dollar sign claiming exempt status on Form W4

    Claim Exempt Status on W-4

    By federal law, employers are required to withhold federal income taxes from their employees’ paychecks. However, certain employees may have…

  • 4 February
    screenshot of Form SS-4 for the 2022 tax year

    Form SS-4 Instructions to File

    Form SS-4, the EIN request tax form, is a simple document you can complete in one go. It doesn’t take…

  • Jan- 2022 -
    31 January
    Image of itemized deductions form Schedule A blank

    Schedule A – Itemized Deductions Tax Form

    The IRS Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, is the tax form used for itemizing deductions. If you have deductible expenses, itemizing…

  • 31 January
    Schedule 1 - AGI Tax Form

    Schedule 1 – AGI Tax Form

    Schedule 1, Additional Income and Adjustments to Income, is a tax form that you must file with your federal income…

  • 30 January
    Multiple jobs worksheet for married couoples with both spouse work and those who are holding more than one job

    Multiple Jobs Worksheet for Form W4

    Employees should file Form W-4, and sometimes, this is a multi-step process. If you’re holding more than one job at…

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