The general information and documents that taxpayers need from the Internal Revenue Service. Learn announcements from the agency regarding your personal and business taxes.

  • Feb- 2020 -
    9 February
    Federal Income Tax Changes 2020

    Federal Income Tax Changes

    What are the new tax changes? For high-income individuals and businesses, the new federal income tax changes mean that they…

  • 1 February
    IRS Mileage Rate 2020

    IRS Mileage Rate 2020

    The Internal Revenue Service released the standard mileage rates that will take effect on January 1, 2020 in the IRS…

  • Jan- 2020 -
    25 January
    Where's My Refund

    IRS Where’s My Refund

    Expecting a tax return this year? Here is how you can track the status of your federal income tax return…

  • 9 January
    941 Form 2020

    941 Form 2020

    Business owners who have employees working for them must file Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) at the end…

  • 9 January
    w9 form 2020

    W9 Form 2020

    The IRS Form W-9 is one of the simplest tax forms that is out there. It is used to request…

  • 9 January
    w4 form 2020

    W4 Form 2020

    The Internal Revenue Service requires taxpayers to pay their taxes gradually throughout the tax year. Instead of making one large…

  • Jan- 2019 -
    29 January
    w2 form 2020

    W2 Form 2020

    The Internal Revenue Service Form W-2 is for employers to report wage, salary, and other compensation paid to employees –…

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