The general information and documents that taxpayers need from the Internal Revenue Service. Learn announcements from the agency regarding your personal and business taxes.

  • Dec- 2022 -
    29 December

    Where’s My Amended Tax Return

    After filing your federal tax return, you realize you made an error. What should you do? You can correct the…

  • 27 December
    Federal Income Tax Changes 2020

    Federal Income Tax Changes

    What are the new tax changes? For high-income individuals and businesses, the new federal income tax changes mean that they…

  • 24 December

    Form 1065 Instructions

    Whether you own a corporation, LLC, or partnership, the IRS Form 1065 is a critical document to file with the…

  • 21 December
    What is Automatic Revocation of Exemption

    What is Automatic Revocation of Exemption?

    Whether you’re an individual with an IRS revocation application or an organization with a 501c3 application status, you may be wondering what the…

  • 20 December

    IRS Bylaws for Nonprofit or Exempt Organizations

    It is very important that you understand your legal obligations if you are a nonprofit or an IRS-exempt organization. This is especially true…

  • 19 December

    How To Fill Out and File W4 Form?

    Basically, the W4 Form is a document used to inform an employer how much federal income tax to withhold from a worker’s…

  • 13 December
    IRS Fillable Form 941

    IRS Fillable Form 941

    Generally, businesses use the IRS fillable Form 941 to report wages, tips, and federal and state income taxes withheld from employees. Form 941 is…

  • 10 December

    Form 4506-C

    The IRS requires the Form to report any changes in your ownership, business structure, or employees. It is also required…

  • 8 December

    Form 911 PDF

    Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, Form 911, is a form that is designed to help resolve an IRS issue.…

  • 7 December

    What Change Did the IRS Make for 2023 to Help Taxpayers Deal with Inflation?

    During the tax year of 2023, the IRS will help taxpayers deal with inflation adjustments in various ways. These include…

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