The general information and documents that taxpayers need from the Internal Revenue Service. Learn announcements from the agency regarding your personal and business taxes.

  • Apr- 2021 -
    20 April
    How to fill out Schedule C

    How to fill out Schedule C

    Schedule C is the tax form used by businesses and sole proprietors to report profit or loss. It’s then attached…

  • 19 April
    1099 Instructions

    1099 Instructions

    Forms 1099 are information returns used for different kinds of payments made to individuals and businesses. There are about twenty…

  • 12 April
    Reject Code F5402EZ-1010

    Reject Code F540/2EZ-1010

    The IRS reject code F540/2EZ-1010 identifies when the Social Security Number or the Taxpayer Identification Number of the filer is…

  • 10 April
    How are dividends taxed?

    How are dividends taxed?

    How dividends are taxed depends on whether they are qualified dividends or nonqualified (ordinary) dividends. Regardless of the dividends earned,…

  • 9 April
    W2 Box 14 Codes

    W2 Box 14 Codes

    Form W-2 is used more than just reporting the income paid to employees and the taxes withheld from the income…

  • 8 April
    1040-V Tax Form

    1040-V Tax Form

    Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher is the payment voucher for federal income taxes. If you’ve paid taxes with a money order…

  • 4 April
    online w2

    Online W-2

    Wage and Tax Statement, Form W-2 online is the preferred method of filing for employers. It takes significantly less time…

  • Mar- 2021 -
    31 March
    W9 Request Letter Template

    W9 Request Letter Template

    Form W-9 is needed to file information returns to the individuals and businesses to whom you’ve made payments. The IRS…

  • 30 March
    how to get w2 from previous employer

    How to get W-2 from previous employer?

    How to get a wage and tax statement from a previous employer that you’ve worked during the tax year? The…

  • 27 March
    stimulus check eligibility

    Stimulus Check Eligibility

    The third stimulus check has an increased amount and the eligibility requirements have been changed by the Senate. The third…

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