The general information and documents that taxpayers need from the Internal Revenue Service. Learn announcements from the agency regarding your personal and business taxes.

  • Jan- 2022 -
    13 January
    Form 1040-X filing amended return with a cup of coffee

    1040-X Form 2022

    Form 1040-X, Amended US Individual Income Tax Return, is your amended tax return. When you’ve filed your original tax return…

  • 5 January
    Form 4506-T screenshot from fillable version of the tax transcript request document

    Form 4506-T

    Form 4506-T is the Request for Transcript of Tax Return. As the title of the form suggests, taxpayers can use…

  • Dec- 2021 -
    31 December
    4852 form 2022 close up image from pdf

    4852 Form 2022

    How you’ll report the income earned during the tax year for tax filing purposes is simple – your employer furnishes…

  • 24 December
    IRS CP80 Notice

    IRS CP80 Notice

    If you ever wonder what’s the IRS CP80 Notice, know that you’ve received it for a simple reason. The Internal…

  • 11 December
    Form W7

    W7 Form

    The Internal Revenue Service uses a variety of taxpayer identification numbers to verify taxpayers. As most taxpayers in the United…

  • 4 December
    Pub 4491

    Pub 4491

    Publication 4491 is the IRS informal booklet that details Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly and…

  • 3 December
    Taxpayer Identification Number Lookup

    Taxpayer Identification Number Lookup

    The Internal Revenue Service has different types of taxpayer identification numbers issued to taxpayers with different circumstances. Most people in…

  • Nov- 2021 -
    28 November
    2441 Forms

    2441 Form 2022

    Form 244 is the tax form used for claiming the child and dependent care expenses, as the name of the…

  • 26 November
    IRS Inflation Adjustments

    IRS Inflation Adjustments

    The Internal Revenue Service makes changes in tax law due to inflation and changes to the cost of living. The…

  • 19 November
    Biden Crypto Tax

    Biden Crypto Tax

    Some changes are coming to cryptocurrencies. Despite the Internal Revenue Service seeing them pretty much the same as stocks, they…

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