IRS Treas 310 TAXEIP3

The third round of stimulus checks has been rolled out by the IRS and the Department of Treasury. Those who qualified for the first and second stimulus checks are most likely to qualify for also the third ones. If you’ve seen IRS Treas 310 or TaxEIP3 on your bank transactions, know that it was your stimulus payment.

If the IRS doesn’t have your payment information, you will still get a stimulus payment but won’t be deposited into your bank account. Instead, you will get an EIP card or a check. An EIP card is a debit card that contains the funds and can only be delivered to you just like the check.

I haven’t received my stimulus check/debit card yet

If you haven’t gotten your stimulus yet, you first need to look at how you’re going to receive it. If you will get it direct deposited into your bank account, the chances of it being sent on March 17th is very high. Most taxpayers will receive their stimulus payments after this date but those who are expecting a check or EIP card will have to wait a bit longer. The EIP debit cards are expected to roll out first towards the end of March while paper checks have been already sent.

Track EIP3 status

The only way to track EIP3 or any other Economic Impact Payments for that matter is using the Get My Payment online tool. This tool will display important things about your stimulus check such as when it was sent or deposited. This will give you a rough estimate of when you will receive your Economic Impact Payment. If the status of your EIP3 is showing as not available when you track it, you probably don’t qualify for one. If you don’t know the eligibility requirements for Economic Impact Payments, you can read our article on the income thresholds for EIP3.


  1. I am married and the previous stimulus amounts had been the full amount. I have already filed our 2020 taxes jointly and we owe about $1800 in taxes, which has not been paid yet. Our income was under 150K. My IRS TREAS 310 : TAXEIP3 payment was 79.80. I’m wondering how that amount was determined.

    1. Hello Kerry,

      While the chances of your Economic Impact Payment being forwarded to pay off your tax liability is possible, there might’ve been a mistake. Give the IRS a call to find out why you received such a small payment.

  2. Hello,
    My son is 26 years old and I claim him on my tax return. Will he receive a economic impact payment?. He has not work since 2017 due to illness. I do not get any funding from the government to assist me with his needs. Will he receive a payment?

    1. Hello Brenda,

      Yes, he should be eligible for the Economic Impact Payment. But, if he doesn’t receive it, he needs to file a tax return and claim the recovery rebate credit.

  3. My spouse and I file Joint Returns ( for decades) and our AGI for 2020 is under $150K. She received a $1,400 TAXEIP3 payment, and got the letter from the White House, but I never received the TAXEIP3 for myself. How does one on a joint filing get TAXEIP3 and not the other? Who do I contact to determine why I failed to receive this TAXEIP3?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      It’s strange that you guys received $1,400 although you filed a joint return in 2019 and 2020. From this point on, it might be best to call the IRS about this. You can speak to a representative at the IRS from the following phone number:800-919-9835

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