IRS Hiring 10,000 Workers

The Internal Revenue Service is planning to hire 10,000 employees to ease the massive backlog. Currently, more than 20 million tax returns are left unprocessed. This creates a major problem for the Internal Revenue Service as many taxpayers haven’t submitted their returns yet. 

As hiring employees and getting them to process tax returns right away poses a challenge for the Internal Revenue Service, many workers within the agency have changed positions to clear the backlog. 

Although 10,000 may sound like a big number – which it is – it won’t help much for the current tax season but can have positive effects as many taxpayers file for an extension. The tax processing delays experienced by taxpayers this season won’t be as severe the next year if the IRS can fill the position it’s opened so far.

The aim of this opening is to make sure there won’t be as big of a backlog in 2023 for the tax returns that taxpayers file for their 2022 income. 

How to apply for work at the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service posts their job listings on the agency’s careers page. You can see the open positions and apply for them with your resume and cover letter. 

There is also an abundance of remote jobs that favor those that work in tech, such as IT. The IRS is transitioning into opening more remote positions for taxpayers, but the majority of the jobs are still out in the field or office work, such as tax processing or tax compliance officer. 

Other than the IRS hiring 10,000 people, there is a great tool on the IRS Careers that allows you to enter specific information about yourself that finds you the best position. Located on the bottom right part of the website, you can answer questions to find the most suitable position for you and apply for the open positions for that job. 

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