I94 Form 2020

Form I-94 the form that keeps the arrival and departure records for visitors to the United States. Above all, it is issued to the aliens who are admitted to the U.S. The visitor regardless of their situation must leave the U.S. on the date stamped on Form I-94 or before.

To make matters faster, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection automated the form. Therefore, you won’t get a paper form. Instead, the I-94 admission record is handled electronically in the CBP system. Once needed, the CBP will verify the document electronically and re-validate everything. This also includes other things. For instance, your visa and necessary information for it, such as the expiration date and date of issuance.

Visitors from Canada and Mexico must apply for a Form I-9 by themselves as it isn’t automated. The automation is only done to those who enter the county via plane or sea. You can print your own I-94 Form from the CBP website.

How to get your own I-9 from CBP?

I94 Form 2020

Getting your own I-94 from the Customs and Border Patrol is quite easy. You’ll only need to detail some of the information found on your passport. This includes your

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Country of Issuance

After that, detail the necessary information from the link down below, you can then go ahead and complete your Form I-94. The date of departure will be automatically written on the newly issued I-94 for you. This process is only for those who are on their way to visit the states, not the ones who are already in the country.

Getting fully furnished I-94 for visitors already in the U.S.

I94 Form 2020

To those who are already in the United States but haven’t gotten their I-94 must follow the exact same step but with a different link.


The process is simple, however, the webpage you need to navigate through is different. Copy and paste the link above to get to the Form I-94 issuance website. Click on Get Most Recent I-94 from the box that applies to you. After finishing all the information needed, you will be able to print your newly issued I-94 off of your browser.

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