How to Use the DUNS Number Lookup Tool?

Having A DUNS number is useful for companies that want to win federal contracts and may help financial institutions process loan and grant requests.

A DUNS number is an identification number assigned to a business by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). This unique nine-digit number allows D&B to maintain a database of information on the creditworthiness of companies. It is also used as a standard worldwide method of identifying businesses, and it’s required for some business-to-business transactions, government contracts, and financial institutions. D&B has a free DUNS number lookup tool that allows users to search for businesses. To obtain a DUNS number, a business must register with D&B. After registration, the company will be assigned a DUNS number that is linked to its business profile and D&B’s database of business information. This information includes financial information, regulatory filings, and public records.

DUNS Number Application

Having an up-to-date DUNS is the 1st step in the System for Award Management (SAM) registration process and is required before any company can submit their SAM Registration for approval. There are many other checks involved with SAM registration. The information must match exactly to what is on file with the IRS and Secretary of State for a SAM registration to be approved.

If a business doesn’t have a DUNS number, it can apply online for one at no cost if it is applying for a U.S. federal government contract or grant. The application process takes about 30 days. D&B will ask for a legal business name, headquarters company name and address, contact information, number of employees, line of business, and other corporate information.

D&B uses this information to create a business profile for each of its clients, which is then shared with the business’s vendors and suppliers. Other businesses can use this information to assess the reliability of a potential partnership or investment. Lenders also use it to decide whether to extend a business loan.

UEI Takeover
How to Use the DUNS Number Lookup Tool? 1

UEI Takeover

For more than two decades, the federal government has used a DUNS number as its authoritative unique entity identifier. However, that will change on April 4, 2022, when the government will transition to a new UEI issued within SAM. This change will have significant impacts on all federal contractors and should be planned for accordingly.

The UEI is expected to replace the DUNS number as the authoritative unique entity identifier in the System for Award Management (SAM). It will also be incorporated into all SAM data fields, and it will be possible to look up an UEI by using a valid SAM URL.

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