How to report income without 1099

Forms 1099 are a wide variety of information returns used for reporting the income earned/paid in various ways. If you earned income during the course of the tax year but didn’t receive the proper 1099 to report it on your tax return, there are several ways you can do to report income to the IRS without 1099. 

Nevertheless, it would help if you always asked the payer about your information returns so that you can properly report the income earned. If that doesn’t work out for you and you’re at a spot where you have to report that income yourself, use Schedule 1, Additional Income and Adjustments to Income to say what you earned to the IRS without the need for not just 1099 but any other information return. You need to be careful with Schedule 1 when reporting the income by entering it on the appropriate line. Just enter your additional income on the right line you can’t report due to the absence of 1099. 

Schedule 1 isn’t mandatory to file, but it’s going to be in your best interest to file it because you need to report the income earned during the tax year, and secondly, it will help you reduce adjusted gross income. Since your adjusted gross income is used for determining eligibility for certain deductions, you’ll need to make it as low as possible. The only way to make your adjusted gross income less than your gross income is to fill out Schedule 1. 

How to attach Schedule 1 to 1040?

Schedule 1 is an attachment of Form 1040, and there are numerous ways you can attach it. How you’re going to attach Schedule 1 to your federal income tax return mostly comes down to your tax return itself. If you have too many attachments and it’s hard to staple them together, use a paperclip. If you can comfortably staple Schedule 1 on the top right or left corner of 1040, do so. As long as Schedule 1 is mailed with your federal income tax return and other tax forms used, you’re good. 

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