How to get W-2 from previous employer?

How to get a wage and tax statement from a previous employer that you’ve worked during the tax year? The Internal Revenue Service requires employers to file Form W-2 for every employee that was paid at least $600 in wages. 

If your ex-employer hasn’t sent a copy of Form W-2, it’s about time you knocking on their door to get your W-2 because the tax season is coming to an end as there is a little over two weeks left to file a federal income tax return. In this article, we’ll explain how to get your Form W-2 from your previous employer to report the total income you earned during the course of the tax year.

Contact your previous employer

Employers are obligated to report the income you’ve been paid during the tax year. It’s mandatory if the total wages paid are more than $600 in total. Although employers aren’t mandated to fill out a W-2 for the wages that are under $600, employers mostly file one so that the employee can report the wages earned. Employees who quit or lost their jobs with total wages under $600 or over but haven’t received their W-2 can contact their employers to ask about the W-2. 

There is a deadline to file Forms W-2. The deadline to file is January 31. The same as most other information tax returns, employers can incur late-filing penalties of up to $540 per violation. The penalties start from $50 and gradually get higher as time goes by Form W-2 remains unfiled.  

Look up Form W-2 online

A lot of businesses use tax preparation software or business management software. These kinds of applications enable employers to share Forms W-2 online and employees can retrieve them. If the business you worked at uses software that enables you to get your information returns, use your credentials and retrieve them.

Don’t know how to have access to your information returns? Contact the payroll department of the company you once worked, and ask about it. The accountants might also be able to send your W-2 through e-mail or other methods electronically. Once you get your W-2, you can go ahead and attach it to your federal income tax return to report wages.

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