How to Fix IRS Reject Code F8962-070

If you've ever encountered the IRS reject code F8962-070, you're probably wondering: What's going on here? What did happen? And how do I fix this?

If you receive an IRS Reject Code F8962-070, you can usually fix the problem by following a few simple steps. Reject codes are generated by the IRS when you try to e-file your tax return. You must correct the missing information or complete a correction form when you receive a reject code. If you have changed your banking information, or if you changed your signature, you must re-create the e-file to get your refund.

To fix the IRS Reject Code F8962-070 error, you need to know what caused the rejection. You can either e-file the corrected return or mail it to the Internal Revenue Service. If you have used e-file software, the return will give you a rejection report and allow you to correct the mistakes. Otherwise, you will have to re-mail the return to the IRS until the mistakes are fixed. However, you need to check that you have not accidentally deleted any important information.

If the information on your return is blank, you will receive a rejection from the IRS. This error message is caused by the fact that the information on your return does not match with the information in the IRS database. For example, if you left blank lines on Form 8948, you might receive an IRS Reject Code F8962-070 instead. If you do not have e-file software, check out the resources provided by the IRS.

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