How to Acquire a CAGE Code For My Company?

Acquiring a CAGE code is essential for any company that wants to do business with the federal government. In order to do this, a company must register in SAM (System for Award Management).

As a contractor seeking to do business with the federal government, knowing how to get a cage code and how the process works is important. The commercial and government entity code, better known as a CAGE Code, is an essential part of a GSA Schedule contractor’s federal contracting identity. A five-character ID indicates your business size, unique identification, and location. The only authorized agency to create and assign CAGE Codes is the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The process is relatively straightforward, but there are some important details to know. For instance, your company must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) to be eligible to apply for a CAGE Code. This can be done via online forms found on the DLA official site.

SAM Registration to Apply For CAGE Code
How to Acquire a CAGE Code For My Company? 1

SAM Registration to Apply For CAGE Code

As a GSA Schedule contractor, you must be aware of the many codes required for doing business with the government. One of the most important is the CAGE code. CAGE Codes, which stand for Commercial And Government Entity Code, are unique identifiers the Defense Logistics Agency assigns to companies supplying goods and services to federal agencies. The five-character code is used to identify a company’s facility location in the United States and its territories.

To get a CAGE code, the first step is to register with the System for Award Management (SAM). The SAM database is used by all federal agencies and has numerous features, such as searching for contractors, finding required forms, and more. It is free to use and mandatory for anyone interested in doing business with the federal government.

Depending on the approach, the applicant may need to obtain a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number or an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number before registering with SAM. The applicant should also submit a DOD Form 2051, “Request for Assignment of a CAGE Code,” to the DLA. Once the CAGE code is assigned, it will be mailed to SAM and attached to the entity registration. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the SAM Help Desk.

In addition to registering with SAM, foreign entities must obtain a NATO CAGE Code or NCAGE Code. These codes are unique alpha numeric identifiers that are used internationally under the NATO Codification System or NCS. They are also used in the US to help with procurement and acquisition processes.

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