Golden State Stimulus II

The second round of the Golden State Stimulus checks are being processed as of now and are going to be sent to the individuals that are eligible for them. We project about 2 out of 3 California residents to receive them. The same as the first stimulus checks, the Golden State Stimulus program helps individuals and families that had a bad turn of events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every individual that meets the requirements is eligible for up to $600.

The requirements for the second Golden State Stimulus are based on the 2020 tax year. Here is everything you need to be or do, to qualify for the second round of California stimulus checks.

Second Golden State Stimulus Requirements

1. You must have filed your 2020 state income tax return by October 15, 2021, and have a California AGI of a maximum of $75,000. You can see your California AGI on Line 17 of Form 540. If you filed Form 540 EZ, refer to Line 16. Since your AGI can’t exceed $75,000 to receive the second stimulus, your wages or the income earned cannot exceed the same figure. 

2. You must be a California resident – meaning that you must have lived in the State of California for more than half of the tax year. You also must be a California resident at the time of the payment issued. What this means is that if you were out of the state for more than three months during the tax year, you won’t get the second stimulus. 

3. You must not be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer. If you’re under the age of 18, you aren’t qualified for the stimulus checks. 

Things to know about the second Golden State Stimulus Checks

If you received a stimulus check prior to this one, you won’t receive a second one. With that being said, this rule applies to those that receive a stimulus check from California. However, this rule doesn’t apply to two groups: adults and families with dependents and undocumented families. These two groups are eligible to claim an additional $500 check. 

The Franchise Tax Board has plenty of tools where you can calculate your taxes. It doesn’t come short for the second Golden State Stimulus checks. You can calculate how much you’re eligible to receive using the Golden State Stimulus II Amount Tool

Take note that if you didn’t claim the first Golden State Stimulus and you have one or more dependents, you’ll get to claim a higher check than $600. Your rough amount should be $1,000 accounting for the dependent(s) you have. 

Where’s my Golden State Stimulus?

While it would come to mind that such a tool like the Where’s My Refund could help you track the status of your GSS 2, there isn’t any. The only tool that’s related to the second California stimulus check is the one that you can estimate the amount. Other than this, there isn’t a tool to help out in regards to your anticipated stimulus check. Make sure that you’re eligible for it in the first place by reading the requirements above.

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