Gas Prices in London

The gas prices in London are comparable with the prices in California. With everything going on in the world, gas prices fluctuate everywhere, and London is no exception. 

Just like the rest of Europe, as the EU has a lot of regulations on gas and oil, the prices are pretty much the same across every country. At $5.77 per gallon, London falls in the middle but is cheaper than many other major cities like Brussels at $5.95 per gallon, Stockholm at $5.84, and Copenhagen at $5.93. 

Compared to California

The gas prices in California are very much comparable with London, but California still comes out on top. With an average price of $5.83 per gallon, California is somewhere along the mid-levels for the highest gas prices in Western Europe but significantly higher than other smaller cities. 

Although there were significant gas shortages in October of 2021, these issues are pretty much nonexistent at the moment. Additionally, as Russia is one of the biggest suppliers of gas and oil to the United Kingdom, the invasion of Ukraine has affected the prices on a larger scale. It’s anticipated that the gas prices in London and the United Kingdom, in general, will continue to rise – more so exceeding California prices.

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