You can register for a MyFTB account to access online services and information if you're a business owner. You can also get tax records and forms. You can also use the document locator number or DLN found on your notice or letter to find additional information.

FTB collects state franchise taxes and business-related fees. It also conducts financial audits of certain candidates for public office, ballot proposition committees, and lobbyists. It also collects delinquent vehicle registration debt on behalf of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. A corporation may be suspended or forfeited if it fails to file its tax returns or pay the resulting taxes. This will have a negative impact on your credit. A qualified tax lawyer can help you navigate this process.

If you have an outstanding tax liability, FTB will usually consider a payment plan over 36 months. The amount you owe will be divided by the number of months in the 36-month period. The monthly payments will be automatically debited from your bank account. You can get free copies of your state returns from the FTB if you’re a disaster victim. You can also request a copy of your federal return by calling the FTB. You can also submit a form to claim an FTB disaster relief refund.

Paying Installment Agreements with FTB

Paying Installment Agreements with FTB

If you have a balance due, the FTB may be able to help you come up with an installment agreement. These agreements are generally set up as direct debit agreements, and payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month. It is important to make your monthly payment on time. If you miss a payment, the FTB will default your installment agreement and begin to assess interest and penalties. Typically, the FTB has 20 years to collect on an unpaid balance. If you cannot afford to make your payments, you can also submit a request to the FTB for an extension of time to pay. The FTB will then use California records to determine your ability to pay. Some taxpayers will receive their payment through a debit card.

MyFTB Login Problem

If you receive the error message “User Name or Password incorrect” when trying to log in, it means that you typed your user name or password incorrectly. If you continue to receive this message after several attempts, contact your FTB representative or SWIFT Technical Support. You may also receive the error message “SWIFT system timeout.” This indicates that your password has expired. Contact your FTB representative or SWIFT Technical support to reset your password. Your login name and temporary password will be sent to your business email address in two separate messages. Print and retain these messages for future reference.

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