Form 8948

Form 8948, or Preparer Explanation For Not Filing Electronically, or the explanatory statement for tax preparers is the tax form used for providing the Internal Revenue Service with the necessary information as to why a tax preparer isn’t filing electronically. 


Under normal circumstances, tax preparers that file or expect to file 10 or more tax returns for compensation must file tax returns electronically, not on paper. It isn’t doable for all federal income tax returns though as the taxpayer the tax preparer filing the return on behalf can request it to be filed on paper rather than electronically or the tax forms that are filed may not be available electronically. There is also the possibility of the tax preparation software the tax preparer using not supporting the tax documents. 

Regardless of the reason why the tax preparer isn’t filing electronically, it must be explained to the Internal Revenue Service. On Form 8948, there are a series of reasons you can check on to let the IRS know. If the reasoning for not filing an electronic return falls outside of what’s stated on the form, you can explain it yourself by using Line C. Get the instructions to file Form 8948.

Do I need to file Form 8948?

If you’re a tax preparer that’s filing a paper tax return for a taxpayer in exchange for compensation, yes, you are required to file Form 8948. The Internal Revenue Service requires the explanatory statements of taxpayers that are filing not filing tax returns electronically. Whether it’s a single tax return that you’re filing on paper or multiple, make sure that you file Form 8948. Without Form 8948, the IRS may not even begin processing the tax return you prepared and filed. 

Does the taxpayer need to file Form 8948?

No, the taxpayer doesn’t need to file the 8948. If you look at the form itself above, you’ll see that the only section where the taxpayer’s information is required is the part where you’ll enter her/his taxpayer identification number; whether it’s in the form of Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or Employer Identification Number.

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