Form 8822 Change of Address

Form 8822 – Change of Address is the IRS tax form that notifies the IRS of an address change. Form 8822 can only be filed by mail but you can change your address online. This can only happen in certain situations though.

If your refund check was returned to the IRS, you can change your address when you look up your refund on the Where’s My Refund tool. This is the only instance when you can change your address online. Other than that, you must fill out Form 8822 and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service.

Get a free copy of Form 8822 Change of Address below. The Form 8822 PDF is completely fillable online where you can fill out online and print out a paper copy – after downloading it as PDF. Preview Form 8822 and be sure that it’s what you need. You can use the following tax form for change of address for the 2024 tax year and beyond.

Form 8822 Change of Address Instructions to File

Form 8822 is a simple tax form that requires little to no time to fill out. In the first part of Form 8822, you will enter what type of tax return that it will apply to you. If you’re changing the address for individual income tax returns, check box 1. If it’s for an estate or generation-skipping transfer tax returns, check box 2.

Then, you can enter your name, spouse name, Social Security numbers, and prior name if there is any. You can then enter your old mailing address from there as well as the old address of your spouse.

Enter the new address on Line 7 and complete the rest of the form which you can enter a phone number to contact, and sign.

Form 8822 Mailing Address

Old home address in the state of:
Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana,
Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia,
Department of the
Treasury Internal Revenue
Service Kansas City, MO 64999-0023
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut,
District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland,
Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico,
North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
South Dakota, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming
Department of the
Treasury Internal Revenue
Service Ogden, UT 84201-0023
Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, TexasDepartment of the
Treasury Internal Revenue
Service Austin, TX 73301-0023

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