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The government is asking us to stay home. So those who are currently unemployed can file for unemployment benefits online. Instead of going to your state department of labor or workforce and file your claim there, filing for unemployment online is more convenient. Not only because you don’t need to leave your home but the whole process will be completed in minutes.

How to claim unemployment online?

Every state’s website is different. So there isn’t a set way of answering this question but all of the state department of labor websites have guidelines on how you can make a claim. For example, the California Employment Development Department has hours to make an unemployment insurance claim. You can only file unemployment even online between 5 AM to 10 PM.

One thing that applies to all states is you need to be registered on the state’s unemployment insurance page. If you’re not, you can always create an account but verifying your identity can be a quite hassle. In most states, you need to verify your online identity in person. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic though, you can verify yourself with your phone number. The process is going to be different for each state so do not take our word on this.

Where to claim unemployment online?

Generally, your state department of workforce website should be the answer. However, it all comes down to how your state operates. Finding the right place to make the unemployment claim is definitely going to be challenging but we got you covered. The article below details the online pages where you can file for unemployment online.

Find My State Unemployment Claim Website

You will be redirected to the page where you can make your unemployment claim from the link above. From there on, follow what your state website says. Since every state website is going to be different, there isn’t one way to file unemployment. Also, the unemployment benefit amount for every state can be found in this article so you don’t need to do the math yourself.

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