FAFSA Form 2022-23

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is open and first-time students can apply for aid programs as of October 1, 2021. 

The same as all the other years, students and their parents/legal guardians are required to submit their applications, separately. Department of Education then reviews the applications along with the information parents sent and calculates the expected family contribution. The amount of the expected family contribution is then assessed with the cost of attendance of the student and the federal student aid amount is calculated. 

Consider online application

For all of this to be complete, students and their parent must submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are two ways students and parents can submit their applications. FAFSA can be sent either by mail or through an online application. Although the online application is the most convenient way to complete FAFSA as parents aren’t required to also send their financial statements, those who prefer to send a physical form can get it below.

There are many benefits to online FAFSA applications. For one, it takes significantly less time to prepare and submit. You can ever use the IRS Direct Retrieval Tool to have the Internal Revenue Service send your tax information directly to the Department of Education. Overall, there is more good to FAFSA online than good, and we highly recommend you doing it so to save yourself from all the trouble.

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