Employer Federal Income Tax Withholding Tables 2021 Released

The Employer Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods for the 2021 tax year or better known as Publication 15-T has been released by the Internal Revenue Service.

Since there have been no changes to Form W-4—Employee’s Withholding Certificate in 2021, the withholding method is the same as last year. If you still have employees that furnished you with a Form W4 prior to the changes in 2020, you will still get the methods for withholding federal income tax accurately.

Get the 2021 Employer Tax Withholding Tables as PDF.

The Publication 15-T for the 2021 tax year isn’t going to display any changes. It’s pretty much the same as the last year’s edition. While this concerns the taxes for employers and employees, there is no mention of the deferred Social Security taxes that will be collected starting from January 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021.

Although it isn’t written on Publication 15-T 2021, your obligation to collect the deferred payroll taxes won’t be affected. Therefore, you must withhold the uncollected Social Security tax for the last quarter of 2020. Publication 15-T 2021 only provides information about regular payroll tax withholding with the biggest emphasis on the federal income tax. Employers must use it with the employee’s Form W4

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