Does Aetna Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

If you have Medicare Advantage coverage with Aetna, the insurance company may cover your annual routine hearing exams and your hearing aids. This coverage may be included in your premium, or it could be an optional supplemental benefit that requires a separate premium.

Whether your Medicare Advantage plan covers hearing aids depends on the type of coverage you have. Some Medicare Advantage plans don’t cover the cost of hearing aids at all, but some do. These plans include the Aetna Advantage PPO plan and the Aetna Advantage Dual Special Needs supplement plan. These plans provide varying degrees of coverage for hearing aids, including the cost of accessories. Your coverage depends on the type of hearing aid and how much your doctor recommends.

Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B) doesn’t cover hearing aids, but many people have supplemental coverage from an insurance company like Aetna that does. Most Aetna Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans include hearing aid coverage, which may vary by plan. Generally, Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for a routine hearing exam and hearing aid fitting. Some Medicare Advantage plans also cover the cost of a new hearing aid, but only if you buy it through an in-network provider.

Some Medicare Advantage plans also allow members to purchase a hearing aid from outside the Aetna network, but they’ll need to pay for it and then submit a receipt to Medicare to get reimbursed. These plans are called Direct Member Reimbursement (DMR) and can be found on Aetna’s website. Other Medicare Advantage plans include an annual allowance for hearing care that you can spend with providers outside the Aetna network.

Does Aetna Insurance Cover Hearing Test
Does Aetna Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? 1

Does Aetna Insurance Cover Hearing Test?

If you have Medicare Advantage plan coverage, your Aetna insurance may cover a hearing test and hearing aids. This is a great benefit for anyone who has trouble hearing or understanding what family members, friends, or coworkers are saying. However, it is important to understand the details of your Medicare coverage before purchasing a hearing aid.

In addition to covering hearing tests, some Aetna Medicare Advantage plans also provide coverage for hearing aids and related accessories. However, the exact requirements for this coverage can vary from state to state. Some plans require a hearing exam before purchasing a hearing aid, while others limit the type of hearing aids that are covered. You should always talk to your doctor before purchasing a hearing aid to ensure it is the best option.

Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans typically include hearing coverage, which includes annual routine hearing exams and a benefit toward the purchase of new hearing aids. They also offer a variety of other services, such as vision and dental. Some Medicare Advantage plans even include prescription drug coverage. These benefits are only available to individuals who choose a Medicare Advantage plan with Aetna and meet the plan’s eligibility criteria.

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