CRP MN – Certification of Rent Paid Minnesota is a document that is filled out by landlords that certificates the rent paid. If you’re a landlord that has tenants, you must provide the renter a CRP if the property is tax-exempt but you made payments in lieu of property taxes or the property tax was payable in 2020 on the property.

This form can be seen as an information return and must be furnished to renters by January 31, 2021. Your renters will then use the CRP provided by you to apply for the property tax refund, renter’s property tax refund, and/or MN homestead credit refund.

CRP MN Instructions to File 2021

Renter Information

Enter the name of the renter and the address along with the dates.

Property Information

Select the property type. You can select either one of the following. If the property doesn’t match any of these, skip – and enter the property ID or parcel number and the number of units on the property.

  • Adult Foster Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Intermediate Care Facility
  • Nursing Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Mobile Home Lot

Rent Details

State whether or not the rent paid by medical assistance.

State whether or not the renter receives Minnesota Housing Support.

Enter the renter’s share of rent paid, caretaker rent reduction, and the total rent.

Property Owner and Signature

Enter the name, address, and daytime phone number of the property owner. Then, sign the document along with the date and managing agent if applicable.

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