Cost of Attendance—What is it how to find it for every school?

The Cost of Attendance of schools is one of the two things that have a direct impact on the financial aid a student is eligible to receive. So, what is it and how to find it for different universities and colleges in the United States? This article will detail everything you need to know about the Cost of Attendance.

First and foremost, the Cost of Attendance is determined by the school, unlike the Expected Family Contribution. While the Expected Family Contribution of a student is going to be calculated by the Department of Education, schools set their Cost of Attendance.

What is included in the Cost of Attendance of a school?

The Cost of Attendance covers everything a student is expected to spend during the course of the academic year. This includes everything from tuition and fees to living expenses. The Cost of Attendance covers:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Rent/Dormitory
  • Groceries/Food
  • Transportation
  • Textbooks
  • Room and Board
  • Personal Expenses

The school administration figures out the Cost of Attendance for every academic year and shares it on the school website. If you can’t find it on the school website, you may want to contact the financial aid office of the school. This will ensure that you’re up to the changes by the inflation and changes to the cost of living.

So, you can only find the Cost of Attendance of the school you’re attending or anticipated to attend by contacting the school.

How much am I going to pay for college/university?

How much you’re going to pay for school depends mostly on the number of semesters and the cost of tuition and fees—added with your expenses. So, there isn’t a set amount that you will pay for college or university.

The Department of Education has a tool where you can estimate the net price that will come out from your pocket though. This is the College Scorecard. You can look up any school in the United States to see net price you’re likely to pay, average graduation rate as well as the salary after graduation.

Search for schools by location, degree, graduation rate, and average annual cost below. The College Scorecard tool by the Department of Education is updated regularly, so, you’re always going to see the data for the current academic year.

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