Commission Free Trading

Commission free trading these days are not a far off a thought or a dream. Many brokerage firms offer commission free trading especially those who operate online. In the past, you would have to pay a commission to a broker to buy and sell your investments. With the rise of investing online, many brokerage firms offer 100% commission free trading.

Some of the brokers listed in this article have always been free of commission while some dropped their commissions to zero. Whichever it is the case, the listed brokers are all commission free.

Free of Commission Trading Brokers

Before we list the commission free traders, the list includes brokers that allow trading stocks and ETFs free of commission. For other types of investments and trading such as Forex, read the designated article for that.

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When Robinhood first launched its service, it became a very controversial place. The controversy revolved around its being commission free which at the time—there weren’t many commission free brokers. This opened the eyes of many investors and in no time, Robinhood became the most appealing place to invest for the average American. Robinhood continues to be free of commission for trading.

As an investor, you will have the option to trade stocks and ETFs without any commissions whatsoever. Perhaps the best side of Robinhood isn’t only the commission free trading. There isn’t an account minimum so you can start investing as little as $10.


Ally Invest, commonly known as ALLY is another place where you can trade free of commission. Although it first started as an online bank, it became many investor’s go-to place for making commission free trading. As of 2020, with no account minimum, enjoy free trading with ALLY.

If you ever get frustrated with deciding which steps to take to increase investments, use ALLY’s own calculators and charts to get a clear picture. It is all free-to-use just like free of commissions.


This may come as a surprise as Fidelity is best known for its retirement account management, it is only one big chunk of what the company does. Fidelity also offers its own trading platform. Just like all the above, with no account minimum and commission free trading.

The real gem of trading stocks and ETFs on Fidelity comes when the tax season arrives. You can import your data when filing a tax return electronically and finish off more than half of your tax return. If taxes are troubling you, we recommend Fidelity just for this reason.

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