Code 976 Duplicate Return Filed

LaPorte is one of the most preferred CPA and business advice companies where businesses across the United States can rely on. When there is a duplicate return filed, the company will attach TC 976 on the account to keep you updated on this. This can come in handy as a duplicate tax return is a strong indication of identity theft. After getting the code 976 duplicate return filed, make sure to contact the Internal Revenue Service for further investigation. 

When there is a strong indication of identity theft suspected by the Internal Revenue Service, or by the reports presented to the company, the account will be issued with the TC 971 AC 522 mark. 

How to prevent identity theft?

There are several measures you can take against identity theft. One of the most proven ways to protect identity is by purchasing an identity protection plan. Most insurance companies provide some sort of identity protection service. These services let you know when there is an attempt to open a new credit line or when your sensitive information like the Social Security Number is seen on the dark web. These kinds of measures make identity protection services very efficient and added with the other benefits such as alerts-they work effortlessly. 

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